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Stamped Concrete Overlays System

Signature Stamped Concrete Overlays

Get the durability and beauty of carefully crafted stamped & stained concrete in a fast and affordable way. MoKan Concrete Resurfacing Solutions’ specializes in our Signature Stamped Concrete Overlays. It gives us pride to convert an area into a stunning space using our custom overlay system in a more affordable and responsible way.

  • Replace broken, ugly, or boring with beautiful
  • Stunning driveways and walkways impress & improve
  • Revive property with decorative entry ways, foyers, & porches
  • Transform basements into showrooms

Natural Stone + Epoxy

Natural Stone for Residential & Commercial

  • Natural Stone Aggregate
  • Versatile, Durable, Beautiful & Affordable
  • Numerous customized color options

Convert damaged or outdated concrete to a versatile, durable and beautiful space of your dreams. MoKan’s Natural Stone Solutions leave a lasting impression. Made of natural stone aggregate & industrial grade epoxy is a stylish, durable and long-lasting addition to your interior and exterior areas.

Natural Stone Soluations

Interior & Exterior Applications

Rubberized Stone

Top quality synthetic & recycled rubber granules

  • Installs directly over existing surfaces
  • Durable and flexible
  • Resurface pool decks, sidewalks, patios & more…
  • Soft to walk on

MoKan’s Rubber Stone is perfect for commercial or residential applications. The installation is quick and ready to drive on after only 72 hours. The aesthetically pleasing material is comprised of recycled rubber and repurposes tires headed for the landfills. Rubber Stone has been used in resurfacing structures in North America for over 30 years. Let MoKan Concrete Resurfacing Solutions install your Rubber Stone with excellence using out trained installers.

Triple-Coat Flake Epoxy System

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MoKand uses the Triple-Coat Epoxy System that has been proven and in use for over 20 years:

  • 1) Base Coat - for strong bonding and solid covering
  • 2) The Flake Coating - provides a stylish pattern
  • 3) Strengthening Top Coat - seals and provides durable finish

MoKan Triple-Coat Flaked Epoxy System will decorate and strengthen your floor. This perfected system has been proven with a 20 year track record. Commercially strong, yet practical with great standard color options. The 3-coat system will cover cracked concrete and is perfect for your garage, basement, workshop and commercial applications. Oils and gas won’t even stain it and if it works in airplane hangars and under forklifts, shouldn’t it be great where you need it?

  • Industrial Strength Triple-Coat
  • Spill & Chemical Resistance
  • E-Z Maintenance Floor

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